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How our Products Reflect

Reflectix by Fey reflective film contains over 40,000 tiny, optically precise prisms per square inch. No other reflective film is as technologically advanced as ours.

When car headlights shine on the reflector, the micro-prisms return the light to its source at a high efficiency rate of almost 90% creating a dazzling brilliant reflection greatly enhances the safety and visibility of the user. Our patented technology allows for a seamless integration of the micro-prismatic arrays in the production of our reflective film results in 3x more light returned to the source than glass bead technology used by competitors. Only Reflectix® can provide this unique new reflective technology to the consumer marketplace.

Light strikes each of the three surfaces of the micro-prism directing it back to its source which results in more of it being returned towards the source. Drivers can see people wearing reflectors from great distances in their headlights at night of up to 500 feet so people wearing Reflectix by Fey products can Be Safe and Be Seen ™.

How to demonstrate the reflectivity to clients

Place a reflective sample about 15ft away in a semi darkened room. Hold a flashlight at eye level, aiming it at the reflector to see the bright reflection.
When they do this they will not believe what they are seeing because of the brilliance and intensity of the light returning to the source.